Founder - Mrinalika (Jain) Bhardwaj


Mrinalika (Jain) Bhardwaj hails from Jaipur and is a qualified artist. She holds her Master’s degree in fine arts and is disciple of legendry artist Pandit Dwarka Prasad Sharma from Jaipur. She gives the credit to her Guru to give her a rock solid foundation in painting and turned her into a great observant, skilled and curious artist.

Mrinalika lived in USA for almost a decade and visiting many countries gave her a global perspective and the exposure which helped her a to keep a foundation and shaping up of “Kaushalam”.



Mrinalika is primarily a Social Entrepreneur and has a vision to uplift rural women by giving them basic training of art and colouring and thus providing them a livelihood and establishing a strong work force of Women artists. So far Mrinalika has been giving livelihood to several rural women who were needy and are now leading a respectable life after having associated with Kaushalam.