Lord Krishna talks to Aruba in Bhagavad Gita about  “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam” – Yoga is excellence at work. This verse advices us to perform our allocated duty in an excellent manner. “Kaushalam” signifies doing work with devotion and without attachment i.e. without becoming a workaholic. Such detached attitude enhances its values and improves the concentration and skill of the worker. If we work with elegance, fortitude, and skill our Body-Mind-Soul will co-operate with our hands. By becoming a tool in the hands of Supreme one has to perform the work. Any work becomes valuable if carried out with full concentration, dedication, and abilities and also helps us to become valuable to others as well as to society. 

A Creative Beginning

Kaushalam was formed in the spring of 2012 from a 600 sq. feet studio space in Jaipur, India by a Social Entrepreneur, Mrinalika (Jain) Bhardwaj with a thought of creating a niche in the world of art and craft. 
The prime theme of the Kaushalam was to revive the traditional art of India in its new form. With this as a back drop the Kaushalam started working and specialised in designing utility items hand painted with traditional arts which included Kishangarh miniature art, Jaipur marble art, Madhubani, Phad, Worli, Wall Mural art, Ladakhi art, Kashmiri art etc.


The inspiration behind choosing themes for Kaushalam products comes from rich Indian heritage, diverse cultures and day-to-day life. Kaushalam products are amalgamation of past and present. They are a piece of art and history with a twist of modernization.  And above all every piece is done with utmost care and love putting heart and soul by the artisans of Team Kaushalam.


Mainly we are famous for our most loved Teakettles and painted thousands of them so far. Besides these Tea sets, lanterns and letter – boxes are most loved and hot sellers.


Within a short span of three years we have come a long way and been successful in creating our niche in Indian and global art and craft industry. We have partnered with India’s top-notch online portals and physical retail stores. We are exporting to many countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Netherlands, Germany, Australia to name a few.


Kaushalam specializes in hand painted and handcrafted products for home and garden. We are capable of painting any kind of artwork on all kind of surfaces. Our focus is to bring together the art styles of every state of India. The list of prime items is attached as Appx.


Since 2012 the Kaushalam has had various exposures both in domestic market and International market. The mile stones of Kaushalam are as under:-

Outlet in City Palace.

On invitation of Princess of Jaipur Ms Diya Kumari,  the Kaushalam established its first retail store in City Palace of Jaipur from 2012 to 2015.






Treasures of Rajasthan at Egyptian Embassy at New Delhi 2012.

Kaushalam was invited to display its art-de-facts at Egyptian Embassy at Delhi and its items were loved by all National and International visitors; giving Kaushalam the first exposure amongst International Buyers.






Kala Ghora Art Festival 2013 Mumbai.

Kaushalam products gained substantial popularity and achieved selection in Kala Ghora Fest 2013 to display its creative hand painted items






FIERA MILANO Exhibition 2014 in Italy [sponsored by MSME (India)]

Kaushalam displayed its items in Milan, Italy sponsored by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). Kaushalam art-de-facts were the centre of attraction for all foreign buyers.






Kala Ghora Art Festival 2014 Mumbai.

Due to diversified items and art of Kaushalam, the Kaushalam again qualified to display its items in Kalaghora Art Fest in 2014.






Kaushalam Introduced by Discovered.Com (2014).

Kaushalam was introduced by ‘Discovered’ in Netherlands; one of the popular online market. Kaushalam product was introduced as the cover page of Discovered.











Kaushalam items remained a centre of attraction spreading its colors in the ambience and Ms Mrinalika received second prize for the best display of Kaushlam items.






Participation in Durga Puja Fest 2015 Mumbai.  

Kaushalam drew accolades for its products and the famous Indian actress Ms Vidya Balan personally complimented Ms Mrinalika for Kaushalam Tea Kettle.






Kaushalam Explored Ladakhi Art 2016.

Ms Mrinalika personally visited Ladakh, the high altitude and the coldest region of India where the temperature dips upto minus 25 degrees to explore the Ladakhi art, stayed there for months to take lessons from Ladakhi artists and to introduce same in Kaushalam products.











Kaushalam Inaugurates its First Retail Store 2017.   

 After a four years of online journey, the Kaushalam inaugurated its first retail store in the most posh locality C-Scheme at Jaipur in Jun 2017.  The store was inaugurated by Ms Neeta Boochra, an eminent personality and Founder of Fedration of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FICCI), Jaipur Chapter along with Mr Gulab Kataria, Honorale Home Minister of Rajasthan






Kaushalam Preperation to Launch Ladakhi Art 2018.

Kaushalam brought Ladakhi Artist to its manufacturing unit at Jaipur and started its preparation to launch less known Ladakhi Art.






Ladakhi Art Products Launched at KALA GHORA Art Festival 2018.

The Kaushalam was once again selected to display its Ladakhi Items in The Kala Ghora Art Festival in Feb 2018 at Mumbai. The product was applauded and likes by many and also gave exposure to the less known ladakhi art in Indian art market






Kaushalam Undertakes New Project of Paper Mache Art Products 2018.        

 Kaushalam has recently started project of make Paper Mache art-de-facts. In the months to come Kaushalam is going to introduce its Paper Mache items with Indian traditional art.

Certification & memberships

We are an ISO 9000:2008 certified company and hold the memberships of EPCH, NSIC and registered with DC Handicrafts.